IonExpress, IonIdea’s software development and delivery methodology is unique because it is adaptive. We customize it to tie it into our clients’ processes while ensuring it is compliant with the ISO and CMMi standards and guidelines. It’s Agile framework includes techniques such as continuous integration, automated unit testing, test-driven development, design patterns, domain-driven design, code refactoring and other techniques that are used to improve quality and enhance project agility.

The primary focus of IonExpress is customer satisfaction by rapid delivery of quality software, clearly understanding that requirements can change at any point in the development lifecycle. Continuous feedback ensures mid-course corrections can be made quickly and early in the lifecycle.

IonExpress maturity comes from its fifteen year evolution from the thousands of projects in which it has been used. With the right set of tools, we are able to capture the knowledge derived and lessons learned from each project and disseminate it amongst our teams, thus increasing productivity by increasing reusability and reducing costs.

Best Practices

IonIdea follows a host of best practices in its drive to attain perfection in software development. Some of the key best practices are:

However, our real motivation in following quality processes and meaningful methodologies is to enhance productivity, increase quality and reusability, reduce rework and costs, and most importantly satisfy and retain our customers.

  • Iterative Prototyping
  • Spiral Development
  • Staged Delivery
  • Individual Stage Plan
  • Miniature Milestone Definition, and
  • Planning Check Point Review

These best practices enable us to deliver the complete requirements of our customers.


There are two basic categories of workflow in IonExpress. They are:

  • Core Workflow
  • Supporting Workflow