Customers We Serve

IonIdea's customers include

  • Large Multi-National Corporations
  • Product Development Companies and Service Companies
  • Commercial and Government Customers

Recognizing that each customer has a unique need, and a one size fits all philosophy does not work; we have meticulously tailored & delivered our services and solutions to each customer. We take pride in enthusiastically serving each and every one of them.

How may we help you today?

Corporations, large and small, have greatly benefited by the mission critical information technology solutions developed by us. From tactical benefits such as getting a product done on time and under budget to more strategic benefits such as gaining market share, our customers have benefited in several ways by asking us to help them.

We have enthusiastically worked with many fortune 1000 corporations. We have also worked with several small venture funded startups with equal zeal. Let us help you.

Examples of Customers we have served