Named after a former President of India who came from a very humble background and went on to study physics and aerospace engineering. This is a unique program which helps transform, under privileged and economically backward families from rural areas, by enabling their children who are meritorious students (from PUC II Science) to pursue a world class professional program in the hi-tech domain of Software Engineering.

ABDUL KALAM SUSANDHI FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM is designed for 5 years, and the first year is focused on imparting soft skills such as communication, self-learning, problem solving, right discipline, taking ownership, social responsibilities, loyalty to company’s mission etc. This is followed by a four years Integrated Training program with IonIdea on imparting Software development skills starting from logical thinking, programming and developing Enterprise Application Software (EAS) based on industry standards and with defined quality parameters. While doing industrial training with IonIdea, all students will pursue their Integrated BSc Program from KLE TECH University, Hubli. Upon successful completion of Integrated BSc Program from KLE Tech University and integrated Training Program, the students will get an employment opportunity with IonIdea.

From 2016, IonIdea has enabled and sponsored 15 students, and IonIdea’s center of excellence team is enabling these students to learn and work in the software domain. Our plan is to sponsor 15 students every other year.

ekLakshya’s website: http://www.eklakshya.com/