Core Uses and Benefits of APM

Prepare for peak performance with a robust APM

Let’s talk about Tony Stark’s “Just A Really Very Intelligent System” aka J.A.R.V.I.S - his personal Artificial intelligence (AI) program.

What can J.A.R.V.I.S do?

  • Run operations and diagnostics on Iron Man’s suit
  • Provide valuable information during combat
  • Monitor and identify unsafe atmospheric, and environmental factors and imminent danger
  • Monitor Tony's vitals
  • Track location
  • Decrypt programming codes and whatnot!

Now, after watching Iron Man who wouldn’t want their very own J.A.R.V.I.S, F.R.I.D.A.Y., or E.D.I.T.H?

Well, we're here to tell you that with APM software integrated into your highly complex, modern IT environments, you can have your very own J.A.R.V.I.S!

So, let us explore the world of APM – what it is, what it does, and how it helps all businesses that have a digital presence.

What is APM and what does it do?

APM is a process and tool (or a set of them) that continuously monitors the performance of applications, troubleshoots issues, and ensures peak performance. In other words, it helps software engineers see:

  • How the application is interacting with real users
  • Whether the app is perpetually available for users
  • When and why it is struggling, if it is
  • If and where it is wasting resources
  • Error rates at the software level
  • CPU usage vis a vis app performance
  • Traffic reception (increases, declines)
  • Average response time for end-user
  • Number of simultaneous queries
  • Number of concurrent users
  • Impact of third-party elements
  • App performance by location
  • Any problems that are preventing customers from using the app

And consequently, resolve issues.

Such continuous real-time monitoring helps the software team to proactively fix issues, errors, and performance before they reach critical mass, or the point of no-return, requiring a complete overhaul.

Now that we have understood what APM is and what it does,

let’s examine the absolutely outstanding benefits that accrue from using an APM for your app!

Silo-agnostic, collaborative: Historically, software and software teams work in silos. With the deployment of an APM, this ‘history’ gets immediately debunked. In the contemporary multi-cloud, distributed environments supporting multiple apps, a silo quality would effectively crash performance and compromise user experience. Not so with a robust APM, which will facilitate all the teams supporting the app with deep-dive visibility as it stitches together a unified view across the entire app stack, from an end-user performance perspective, back-end functionality monitoring, to the performance of servers, databases, network, and cloud services that support the app. Such a view improves collaboration between the teams, and in turn, enhances responsiveness.

Cost-effective, bottom-line building: APMs make developers more efficient, productive, and innovative, all of which significantly bring down overall costs. Faster Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) with an APM translates to better customer engagement, increased sales, and revenue. A robust APM with actionable insights allows IT Operations to predict and prevent downtime, saving millions in revenue.


All of which directly translate to

Greater customer satisfaction, better brand reputation: Satisfying end-users stems from a positive user experience, where the customer engages seamlessly with the app, without disruptions including slow page download, and incomplete/aborted transactions. In the digital age, electronic delivery expectations are immediate, and the more the availability, and the immediacy, the higher the customer delight, and brand loyalty. For the business, money in the bank! Easily achieved with an APM tool or platform!

Higher up in Google Search: Yes, you read that right. Google counts site speed as a key factor in ranking, in search results. High Apdex scores, excellent end-user experience, combined with well-performing app ups the search results and exponentially boosts organic traffic. And the APM helps enable that objective!

So, if you have a web app that is your core business, or one that engages with users, don’t waste any more time in getting yourself a best-in-class, robust APM.

And watch your users grow!