Global Leader in Payments Technology Optimizes Operations, Saves Cost, Time, and Effort, With Dynatrace

Global Leader in Payments Technology Optimizes Operations With Dynatrace

A globally leading integrated payments technology provider approached IonIdea Dynatrace for its services, specifically for monitoring its payment gateways and payment ecosystem including other bank websites.

Existing pain points

The company had recently migrated its applications to a microservice and container-based architecture in its private cloud to enhance its cloud infrastructure, enable low latency and bring greater digital agility. This new transition created complexities in its environment, and restricted them from providing a seamless customer experience.

In this scenario, the existing monitoring process was falling short. The current team of a small number of IT professionals were incapable of proactively resolving issues before the negative impact hit, challenged as they were with multiple responsibilites of handling various tools, systems, and manual processes. This responsibility overload resulted in a complete lack of ongoing monitoring for proactive resolution, instantly affecting the company’s customers.

The company needed a solution that offered a 360-degree monitoring of all its technologies, to enable proactive measures and responses. And they needed it yesterday.

Identifying Dynatrace as the most appropriate solution

  • The client was impressed by the simplicity with which Dynatrace could be deployed across its entire environment, with its ability to auto-instrument all of its services, processes, and technologies.
  • Dynatrace met the client’s need for monitoring capabilities, with the ability to recognize end-to-end application flows and customer journeys, as its systems would continue to expand. The aspect of manual troubleshooting was eliminated.
  • The full-stack observability provided by Dynatrace and the all-in-one platform that covers multiple use-cases and technologies was an immediate winner. This eliminated the need for teams to use multiple monitoring solutions to find the root cause of performance problems.

IonIdea’s Dynatrace response

  • Resolved application CPU spike issues and enabled Dynatrace for various application servers.
  • Configured Dynatrace for various bank sites and payment gateways for continuous monitoring.
  • Configured various alerts and incidents to alert the monitoring team for high prioritized issues and outages.
  • Conducted code level analysis to identify issues and help team to fix them.
  • Identified and understood the complicated requests flow of the application and build around the dashboards for real user monitoring with easy access.
  • Configured the mobile payment application and designed the architecture based dashboard for easy understanding.
  • Upgraded the Dynatrace version to the latest, and successfully migrated the application servers to the new environment.

Short-term and long-term results

  • Significant cost, time, and effort savings from the continuous, automated monitoring and AI-powered platform, enabling instant issue and outage identification.
  • Optimization of alerting mechanism and issue analysis by operations team, enhanced support to stakeholders.
  • Efficiency in organization with a requests dashboard enabling segregation of requests on the basis of payment modes, card modes, and bank-wise.
  • Driving business, process, and operational decisions based on contextual data and analytics provided by the Dynatrace platform.

The client was especially gratified to receive a strong commendation from one of their large banking customers because of their new-found and consistent ability to proffer information of various alerts and incidents in a proactive fashion, delivering a superior experience to their stakeholders.

That is the indisputable magic of Dynatrace!