Empowering Success Together: The IonIdea Partnership Commitment

You and IonIdea, A Partnership Built to Last

IonIdea’s Partner Relationship Managers are totally focused on and invested in your success. The highest levels at IonIdea, from the CEO down, are personally involved, highly motivated, and extremely committed to making you successful as an IonPartner.

We truly believe that your personal success as an IonPartner is extremely important for the overall success of our IonPartner program, which in turn is critical to the success of IonIdea. Therefore, our relationship with our IonPartners is about putting ourselves in your shoes and keeping your interests in mind.

Earn More. Work Less.

Your clients face a variety of tech challenges. Odds are, you don’t solve them all. What if you could earn more revenue without taking on more work?

The IonPartner program lets you solve more of your clients’ challenges without adding to your already busy workload. This means earning more money by solving more problems and creating deeper and stickier relationships, all without the burden of additional delivery requirements.

Why become an IonPartner?

IonPartners are professionals who currently serve customers who have technology or process challenges. IonPartners want to be able to earn money by solving those challenges without doing the technical work themselves. In addition, there are a variety of reasons an IonPartner might join the program:

  • They want to focus on their strengths in relationship building and problem recognition.
  • They are specialists who regularly discover challenges outside their core competencies and who would like to be able to capitalize on those challenges without building new internal skillsets.
  • They are tired of leaving money on the table when they hit their delivery capacity.
  • They are skilled tech salespeople and want to work, sell, and earn on their own terms, without the rigidity of being a regular employee.

All IonPartners enjoy being able to solve more of their clients’ challenges and earn more money without taking on more deliverables.

What can IonIdea do for your clients?

Anything. Well, not anything but the things that are most important to them as they grow and transform their business. With 1,000 employees, IonIdea can deliver high-quality, fast results at a reasonable price. The depth of our bench means we have tech and process talent to solve virtually any problem, including:

Digital Transformation

IonIdea helps clients drive their initiatives in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, cloud applications, and mobile applications.

Scalable IT Services

Clients rely on IonIdea for a limitless talent supply on short notice, ensuring the client is always able to scale, support their own initiatives, or support their own customers.

Legacy and Emerging IT Skillsets

Whether supporting legacy systems or stepping into new technology, finding and retaining talent is difficult and costly. IonIdea provides easy access to affordable talent in hard-to-find areas of expertise.

IT Risk and Cost Protection

Employees are among a business’s greatest expenses. IonIdea’s business structure and international footprint enable clients to expand their development capabilities while protecting themselves from additional risk or cost creep.

Systems Integration

IonIdea provides implementation, consulting, managed services, training, and ongoing support for a variety of platforms. For example, IonIdea is a preferred partner for Dynatrace, which delivers the modern cloud experience to companies like Kroger and U-Haul.

What else does IonIdea do?

In addition to the technology services described above, IonIdea, through its spin-offs delivers:

  • Business process services (BPO, KPO) through Talent Tigers (www.talenttigers.com)
  • Ion-Education (www.ion-education.com): Suite of academic ERP solutions for the higher-education industry; its IonCudos OBE/CBE curriculum design and attainment tracking solution is a unique solution, a door-opener that gets us into new colleges and universities.
  • GuardOn (www.GuardOn.com): GuardOn is a personal safety solution as well as an enterprise emergency response management solution. Its 24x7x365 alert monitoring service (GEMS), gets help quickly to people when they have a medical or safety emergency. GuardOn’s technology platform includes cloud-based response orchestration software, mobile apps, enterprise web portal, wearables, and voice assistant interfaces.

Ongoing Expansion of Our Offerings

IonIdea is continuously expanding its delivery capacities and adding on new capabilities, by partnering with hand-picked technology and solutions delivery partners across the globe.

Through business opportunities that you identify, and market feedback that you communicate to us, IonPartners such as yourselves are providing us valuable inputs to make investments for upgrading and expanding our products, solutions, and service portfolios.

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We understand that every project is unique. Explore our quickstart packages tailored to different needs and budgets. Check out our packages here. If these packages do not precisely align with your requirements, don't worry. We thrive on customization. Let's have a conversation to understand the specific details of your project, and we'll provide a tailored solution that meets your unique needs. Our goal is to ensure that you get the most value out of our Product Engineering services.

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Are you a potential IonPartner?

IonPartners come from a range of backgrounds.

Independent consultants and consulting firms call on IonIdea to handle technical work. This lets the consultant focus on doing the work they love—strategy and relationship management.

Independent sales professionals simply pull IonIdea into the portfolio of solutions they’re already providing. With IonIdea, they have a one-stop shop that can handle any tech challenge they encounter. With a solution for every problem, they’re able to solve more problems. That deepens their reputation as trusted advisors and provides earning opportunities.

Software companies (and other tech-solution providers) look to IonIdea as a preferred Systems Integrator (SI). They appreciate having a reliable, consistent SI who they can trust to help their customers get more value from their solutions, faster. They like receiving a share of the professional services fees, without having to maintain a services team.

Specialized IT Services providers bring in IonIdea to fill their gaps. Specialized providers are incredible at very specific work, and often don’t want to dilute that focus. Even so, they appreciate being able to earn more revenue when they discover clients’ other challenges, and they value being able to provide holistic solutions through IonIdea.

How do you get paid as an IonPartner?

IonIdea pays generous referral fees to IonPartners who provide guided introductions to new clients. For IonPartners who manage those conversations from the start until the signed agreement, IonIdea provides even greater compensation.

No matter the nature of your relationships with your clients, IonIdea has a structure that works for you.

How does IonIdea support IonPartners?

Through the IonPartner program, IonIdea provides a wide range of support, including:

  • Comprehensive onboarding: IonIdea ensures IonPartners are equipped to succeed by providing world-class onboarding. We want you to understand what we do and how we do it so you can speak confidently to your clients about the value we’ll create for them.
  • Marketing support and co-marketing opportunities: For a lot of IonPartners, marketing isn’t a strength. We realize that, so IonIdea’s marketing team provides the resources to take you to the next level. Whether it’s a sales deck, a case study, or a tailored comarketing piece for your top target, IonIdea’s marketing team is here to help. Our marketing support not only serves to build our brand—by extension, it also helps you build yours.
  • Sales support: When it comes to sales, a second opinion on your deals can be invaluable. That’s why IonIdea meets regularly with IonPartners to help them assess their deals, next steps, and keep those deals on track to close.
  • IT Risk and Cost Protection: Employees are among a business’s greatest expenses. IonIdea’s business structure and international footprint enable clients to expand their development capabilities while protecting themselves from additional risk or cost creep.
  • Sales training and frameworks: No one is born a sales expert. That’s why IonIdea has retained Maestro Group, a sales consulting firm, specifically to provide sales training and frameworks for IonPartners. You’ll have access to Maestro Group’s training programs, which will help you sell more of your own services, as well as IonIdea’s.

Why put your trust in IonIdea?

Many companies, from venture-backed tech startups to some of the world’s biggest and most reputable brands—like Alcatel, Altice, Blue Cross, Cable & Wireless, Charter Communications, Cisco, Dynatrace, Fannie Mae, France Telecom, Hughes, MetLife, Orange, PTC, Samsung, Spacenet, etc.—have relied upon IonIdea’s tech capabilities for over 31 years.

With more than 1,000 employees, IonIdea is a one-stop shop for high-quality results for practically any tech or process challenge.

We care about IonPartners, and we know your success means our success. We invest heavily in IonPartners like you, helping you achieve your unique goals through the program.